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Tips from Sam Cover in Spokane Valley Washington on how to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Staying healthy is more difficult than ever, what with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle combined with unhealthy foods. Sam Cover of Spokane Valley has some tips to help get you healthy.

Spokane Washington / Accesswire /3/13/2020 / Healthy living is not an easy task. It feels like no matter where you turn, you run head first into sugars and fats. This is evident when one examines how much obesity has been rising in the United States, with it rising over the past few decades. In order to deal with a society that increasingly pushes the least healthy foods and beverages, Sam Cover of Spokane Valley has prepared some helpful tips to keep your body healthy.

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley’s Suggestions of Foods and Drinks to Avoid

The first step towards a healthier lifestyle is to cut out the junk from your diet. Now, that does not mean that you should never indulge in sweets; after all, a good sweet now and then can really help someone’s moods. But if you are indulging in sweets all the time, that is when it becomes a problem. Foods like these are typically empty calories, where they feed you without actually giving you the nutrition you need, Sam Cover points out. Try to reduce your intake of such foods to a minimum, keeping them for special occasions or the occasional nibble. Another problem food Sam Cover of Spokane Valley points out is pizza. For as good as pizza may be to your taste buds, the amount of calories in a single slice of pizza from a store or restaurant can be devastating. Furthermore, Fruit juices are a sneaky example, as people may be convinced that these are healthy because of the name. The high amounts of sugar and calories is enough that you should stick with just eating fruit.

Sam Cover’s Suggestions on Dealing with a Bustling Lifestyle

According to Sam Cover of Spokane Valley, one big issue that people face when trying to lose weight is how convenient the least healthy foods are. With how busy things can get, sometimes your best option is to hit McDonald’s instead of making a meal with fresh ingredients. While there is always going to be the risk that you may need to rely on McDonald’s, you don’t want to have to rely on it too much. The best way to avoid that is to prep food ahead of time. For example, one great thing for feeling full is to eat lentils. Sam Cover of Spokane Valley recommends making a batch of lentil soup, put some vegetables in the soup, and have that as your lunch for the week. Not only does this help avoid needing to settle on fast food, you can also save money by doing this. If you do have to settle, try to avoid the fattier foods like chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, or burgers. Instead, go for a salad. One example Sam Cover cites is McDonald’s specialty chicken salad, though remember to get the grilled chicken salad instead of the crispy chicken.