Sam Cover Spokane Washington looks forward to embracing favorite seasonal recipes this fall

Top chef and Pacific Northwest native Sam Cover sets out several of his favorite fall recipes

From a classic beef stew to mushroom bourguignon, fall-inspired flavors and ingredients are key to giving the season’s best recipes their distinctive and timely edge ahead of the colder winter months. Already anticipating the arrival of this year’s fall season, award-winning chef Sam Cover provides a closer look at some of his best dishes as he sets out a number of his fall favorites.

“Fall is probably my favorite of all the seasons for cooking dishes that are primarily inspired by the time of year,” reveals Pacific Northwest native Sam Cover Spokane Washington, a multi-award-winning chef from the easternmost edge of the Evergreen State.

The celebrated chef first turns to a classic beef stew. “Rich with smoked paprika, tomato paste, fresh garlic, and your choice of herbs, a classic beef stew is a perfect dish for fall,” suggests Sam Cover Spokane Washington. Add a couple of cups of dry red wine for depth, says Sam, plus potatoes, carrots, and onions for goodness. “Finish with your favorite herbs, or utilize popular varieties which perfectly match the flavor profile of a traditional beef stew such as fresh bay leaves, rosemary, or tarragon,” adds the expert.

Sam Cover recommends serving any hearty stew with a side such as roasted beets or a squash salad for a true taste of fall. “Finish with a dessert such as pumpkin gingerbread and you’ve captured the season as a whole perfectly in one delicious meal,” suggests Cover.

Other seasonal favorites of the award-winning chef include short ribs braised with tomatoes, organic chicken pot pie, and eggplant parmesan. “Earthy and warming, dishes such as these simply taste of fall in every mouthful,” says Sam Cover Spokane Washington, “and pair beautifully with other popular fall-inspired recipes such as cranberry and spinach salad or butternut squash soup.”

Served either before as an appetizer or alongside as a complementary dish, either one is perfect, according to Sam Cover Spokane Washington. Where time permits, Sam Cover Spokane Washington also recommends whipping up a homemade applesauce, a simple apple coleslaw, candied yams, or a batch of sugar-coated pecans for an extra taste of fall.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Sam Cover Spokane Washington has lived and worked across much of the United States, as well as overseas, during a culinary career spanning more than 20 years. The award-winning chef, coming back to his roots, now remains happily settled in easternmost Washington, famed for its stunning landscapes and—of great importance to Cover—the incredible abundance of locally produced and sourced ingredients regularly on offer.

Sam Cover is, he says, in fact keen to wrap up with something of a local specialty. “Locally grown or wild foraged mushrooms are a real specialty here, and, with that, fall wouldn’t be fall for me without a mushroom recipe of some sort on standby,” points out the chef. From an expertly prepared mushroom bourguignon to straightforward wild rice and mushroom salad, choose from any seasonal mushroom dish this fall, says Sam Cover Spokane Washington, and you won’t go far wrong.



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