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Sam Cover: How to Evade Stress with the Right Diet

Dietary Choices Can Help You Battle COVID-Related Anxiety, Declares Sam Cover Plenty of Americans are struggling with heightened stress due to COVID-19 and the economic uncertainty associated with it. In a previous American Psychological Association study, the average American rated their own stress level as 5.4, compared with 4.9 the previous year. Stress levels are […]

Sam Cover Spokane Washington Prepares Favorite Recipes From Vegetarian Cuisine

Award-winning chef Sam Cover Spokane Washington cooks up a storm from his growing roster of favorite vegetarian dishes. A multi-award-winning chef and restaurateur, Sam Cover Spokane Washington is best known for his seafood dishes. An outspoken proponent of locally sourced produce, the Pacific Northwest native is also becoming increasingly well known for his vegetarian and […]

Sam Cover Spokane Washington

Sam Cover Spokane Washington Compiles Favorite Summer Recipes of 2020

Award-winning Pacific Northwest chef Sam Cover of Spokane Washington showcases his favorite recipes of the summer. From watermelon salad to coconut shrimp, and with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and simplicity in preparation, award-winning chef Sam Cover puts forward a selection of his favorite summer recipes as compiled this year from his home in the beautiful Pacific […]

Sam Cover Spokane Valley On Foods to Fuel Your Run

Fresh and Whole Foods Provide Good Overall Nutrition; Carbs Work Best Pre-Run, Says Sam Cover Spokane Valley Runners need good nutrition for health and performance. Knowing what to include in your day-to-day diet, as well as what to eat before and after runs can help you meet your goals, says chef and runner Sam Cover […]