Sam Cover Spokane Washington Recommends Some Simple Dishes That Anyone Can Make at Home

A lot of people are having to learn to cook recently, and this is difficult for some. Sam Cover Spokane Washington has some suggestions for simple dishes that anyone can make.

As Sam Cover Spokane Washington notes, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and that is just as true when you’re feeding yourself as it is for anyone. However, with times being the way they are, it is that much more difficult to get good food, especially if your culinary skills are not great. That does not mean you are up a creek without a paddle, however; as Sam Cover Spokane Washington points out, you still have a lot of options available.

Sam Cover Spokane Washington’s recommendations for simple foods to make at home

One simple food, and an absolute favorites, is baked onions. This is so simple that there is basically no preparation time involved. All you need to do is preheat the oven to about how you would for a baked potato of the onion’s size (somewhere around 350F might do it well), put the onion on a pan, and leave it in for 30-45 minutes. No pre-peeling required. Once it’s done, you just take off the peel, serve with salt and/or butter, and enjoy. You can also incorporate this with another dish, like potatoes, if you want to do something a little more complicated, Sam Cover Spokane Washington recommends. A recipe like this is great for if you just want a quick, tasty meal that does not have too many calories. A good example of a simple potato recipe you can pair with this is roasting some red-skin potatoes Slice up potatoes into cubes, season them with some garlic, salt, and pepper, and lay them out on a pan, preheating the oven to 450F, spraying cooking spray to keep them from sticking. Cook them for 25-30 minutes, stirring intermittently, Sam Cover Spokane Washington notes.

Another good option is to go for a baked apple dish, Sam Cover Spokane Washington recommends. Simply peel the apples and cut them in slices around 1/2 an inch thick. Once you’ve done that, mix in a half cup of brown sugar, as well other seasonings, such as 1/8 tsp of salt, two tsp of cinnamon, one tsp of corn starch, and juice from a lemon half. Set the oven to 350F, mix the ingredients together in a bowl, and then put the contents into a pie pan. Add two tbsp of butter, cutting into squares and placing each square onto the apple slices, and bake for 30 minutes, ensuring that you stir halfway through. Once it is done, you can enjoy it on its own or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Sam Cover Spokane Washington is sure that this will hit your sweet tooth well. These kinds of recipes can be utilize to improve your cooking skills, leading to more complicated dishes over time., Sam Cover Spokane Washington notes.

Sam Cover Spokane Valley – Protein-Rich Meatless Dishes To Cook at Home

Meat Alternatives Can Balance Diet During Shortages, Says Sam Cover Spokane Valley

Protein is important and is a key building block of muscles, bones, cartilage, blood, and skin. Adult women typically need 46 grams of protein per day, and more than that if pregnant or breastfeeding. Men require about 56 grams. Children need between 19 and 34 grams; teenage girls about 46 and teen boys 52 grams. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to shortages of beef, poultry, and pork, making these protein-rich meal staples harder to find and afford. Many protein-rich alternatives do exist, however. Sam Cover Spokane Valley lists major ones as:

  • quinoa
  • tofu
  • mushrooms
  • cheese, with cottage cheese providing more protein per calorie and the least amount of fat
  • seafood and fish
  • lentils
  • edamame
  • nuts
  • beans, such as pinto beans and chickpeas (or garbanzo beans)

Quinoa-based Dishes

Although typically considered a grain, quinoa is really a seed. It is a highly nutritious food, according to Sam Cover Spokane Valley, providing 8.14 grams of protein per cooked cup, as well as a variety of minerals. Quinoa can be used as a rice substitute and can be the main ingredient in Mexican foods such as enchiladas and tacos or in salads or soups.

Tofu-based Dishes

Tofu is soy-based bean curd that has about 10 grams of protein per half a cup. Tofu comes in various densities, with each density having its own use, according to Sam Cover Spokane Valley. For example, soft or silken based tofu works best in soups, while medium and firm work better stir-fried, baked and glazed, or battered and crisped, says Sam Cover Spokane Washington. Tofu is packed in water and that extra water must be pressed out before adding other flavors. Tofu can work well in Asian-based dishes, such as Pad Thai and spring rolls, in veggie bowls, in salads, and, even, in tacos, says Sam Cover Spokane Valley.

Seafood-based Dishes

Shrimp, scallops, clams, and fish provide lots of protein. Shrimp, for example, has about 24 grams of protein in 100 grams of shrimp; pollock is almost pure protein. Sam Cover Spokane Valley specializes in fresh fish and seafood dishes. Seafood can be served as a main dish itself or as a key ingredient in pasta or risotto dishes,  in salads or stews, in tacos or stir-fried dishes, or in casseroles.

Chickpea-based Dishes

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, contain 2.4 grams of protein per tablespoon. Chickpeas can be used in salads, stews, tossed in pasta or sauteed green, or put into a pita sandwich with veggies and cheese, says  Sam Cover Spokane Valley.

Sam Cover Spokane Valley, a renowned chef, was born and raised in Spokane and owns a restaurant there.  Sam Cover Spokane Valley Washington is an advocate of the farm-to-table movement and an avid runner.

Sam Cover Spokane Washington illustrates how to stay in shape amid coronavirus lockdown

Fitness fanatic Sam Cover Spokane Washington reveals how he’s staying in shape amid ongoing social distancing restrictions.

An award-winning chef, Pacific Northwest native Sam Cover Spokane Washington is also a regular gym-goer focused on keeping fit and staying in shape. With social distancing restrictions still in place for many, Cover demonstrates how it’s possible to stay fit even with limited opportunities to embrace more traditional forms of exercise as we continue to weather the ongoing global health crisis.

"With gyms closed and many outdoor activities subject to restrictions, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for many people to embrace their traditional workout regimes," says Sam Cover Spokane Washington, an award-winning chef, speaking from his home in eastern Washington state.

Sam Cover Spokane Washington has lived and worked across much of the U.S. in recent years, managing kitchens in some of the country’s biggest and best hotels and restaurants. Now a restaurateur himself, Sam Cover Spokane Washington and his various business endeavors continue to face up to the difficulties and uncertainty stemming from the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. "It’s a struggle currently faced by much of the restaurant industry," suggests Cover, "not just in the U.S., but worldwide, too."

A lifelong fitness fan, Sam Cover Spokane Washington says he’s working hard, not just to safeguard the future of his professional endeavors, but also to stay in shape, amid ongoing lockdown measures. "It’s important to keep both your body and mind active," says the award-winning chef.

Since lockdown measures were first implemented, Sam Cover Spokane Washington has been working on maintaining an ever-evolving at-home fitness regime. "With gyms still closed and opportunities for outdoor activities limited, I’ve found some enjoyment in perfecting a fitness regime which can be both sustained and enjoyed at home," reveals Cover.

Combining cardiovascular activity, anaerobic fitness, strength training, and a variety of balance and stretching exercises, Sam Cover Spokane Washington believes that he’s been able to maintain a similar level of overall fitness while in lockdown to that which he normally enjoys. "I’ve also embraced various aspects of yoga," Cover points out, "for the first time in my life."

While adhering to strict social distancing measures, Sam Cover Spokane Washington has also tried hard to maintain a degree of outdoor activity. "Where permitted and safe to do so, a short jog or cycle ride are great," he suggests, "not just for fitness purposes, but for getting some fresh air and bolstering well-being more generally."

Where possible, Sam Cover Spokane Washington also recommends completing appropriate aspects of any workout in a garden or on a balcony. "Weather permitting, if you have the outdoor space, exercising in your garden or on a balcony is a great way to lift spirits amid the lockdown," he adds.

Sam Cover Spokane Washington is hopeful that current restrictions will soon begin to lift, affording ready access once again to parks and other outdoor spaces. "While gyms may remain closed for some time yet, I’m positive that better times are ahead, and it’s important that we maintain our physical and mental well-being to the absolute best of our abilities in the meantime," adds Cover, wrapping up.

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Chef Discusses How Pandemic Has Affected Local Food Industry

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley chef breaks down for readers some of the most impactful ways COVID-19 has affected the local food industry in Washington and beyond. 

In the United States, the restaurant and food industries have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in many shutdowns without any projected relaunches in sight. Sam Cover Spokane Valley chef tells us that small businesses, farmers, and mom-and-pop shops are feeling its effects more prominently than others, although most chains have also experienced significant pressure. 

“The epidemic has touched every individual who relies on the food industry for income, from chefs and managers to waiters, waitresses, and bar-backs,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley chef. “Many restaurants are facing closures, but there are ways they can stay afloat with support from their community.”

COVID-19 has affected all levels of the food industry including the distribution of food and beverages across the country. Subsets of the industry such as dairy farmers have had to dump their supplies as they spoil before they can be purchased or delivered. And, unfortunately, many of these farmers are unable to repurpose their materials or else switch production to a new type of food to save money and resources. Meat processors also similarly have to slaughter animals and dispose of their meat simply because there isn’t a demand for it in restaurants that have closed. 

“We learned right away that small businesses and eateries would be hit hardest and likely wouldn’t stay above water without intervention from the government,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley chef. “Some projections go as far to say that two-thirds of small business restaurants may face tremendous difficulty opening or else may never open again.”

Many restaurants have relied on new take-out dining options and family pack menus to stay afloat during the crisis. Prices have been significantly reduced to draw more people in and hopefully funnel more money in tips to the workers on shift. Some restaurants have even begun to offer their extra produce for sale or to-go alcohol options to customers. 

Sam Cover tells us that from here, it’s up to loyal customers and shoppers that will determine if these businesses will be around in the future. 

“If you’ve really enjoyed a local restaurant in the past, and if they’re still selling food during the crisis, it’s important you support them when you can to help avoid closures,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley chef. “During this time, it’s up to loyal, returning customers to ensure small businesses succeed.” 

Sam Cover Lists Restaurants Offering Take-Out during COVID

Sam Cover Spokane Washington chef connects local readers with restaurants in the area offering delivery and/or take-out dining during safer-at-home orders. 

According to safer-at-home orders, many eateries and restaurants across the country have been forced to close their doors to the public. Local chef Sam Cover of Spokane Valley, however, tells us that some restaurants have shifted their focus to takeout and delivery menus to survive. Below, he shares some of his favorite options for to-go or delivery food in Spokane Valley during governmental orders to stay inside.

“It’s important that we educate our communities at this time on what food resources they have available to them,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley. “Besides grocers and delis, here are some of our community’s best options for take-out and delivery meals.”

Halletts Market & Cafe, Inc.

“Halletts makes the best sandwiches in town, including some of the most adventurous grilled cheeses you’ll find anywhere, such as the Green Goddess Grilled Cheese or the Grilled Mac and Cheese and Bacon sandwich,” says Sam Cover of Spokane Valley.

In addition, Halletts offers artisan deli and American food for pickup each day.

O’Doherty’s Irish Pub

At O’Doherty’s, guests can call in their favorite classic Irish dishes or else opt-in for some of the best BBQ in town. Besides serving breakfasts on the weekends and traditional Irish fare throughout the week, the pub offers salads and stews for lighter options as well as wood pit BBQ for the carnivores.

Fiesta Grande

“For Mexican takeout, you’ll want to check out Fiesta Grande where a friendly, family-centric crew cooks up enormous portions of your favorite Spanish dishes for an affordable price,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley.

In addition to plenty of standalone dishes, Fiesta Grande also offers party platters for larger families.

Flamin’ Joes

Local staple Flamin’ Joes cooks up classic Americana food, with chicken wings, waffle fries, appetizers, and burgers serving as their most popular options. Flamin’ Joes is also known for its vast variety of sauces––a perfect pairing for their battered boneless or savory bone-in chicken wings.

Ferraro’s Family Italian

“If you’re craving Italian takeout, Ferraro’s is where to place your to-go order,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley chef. “It serves up the most authentic Italian recipes in town like spaghetti and meatballs, eggplant parm sandwiches, and lasagna. There are two locations to order from, that, in addition to selling standard to-go entrees, give guests the option to purchase prepared microwaveable dishes, too.”

Sam Cover tells us that there are plenty of other local eateries and restaurants in Spokane to satisfy all your cravings during stay-at-home orders, including establishments like Hello Sugar that offer to-go desserts and sweets. He says all it takes is a quick Google search or a browse through community directories to see what’s available at this time.

Sam Cover

Sam Cover Spokane Valley on the Struggles of New Businesses with the Coronavirus

The coronavirus hit quick and hard, and due to missteps is going to be worse than necessary. Sam Cover of Spokane Valley talks about how this has impacted new businesses.

Spokane, WA / Accesswire / April 23, 2020 / The coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, has been utterly devastating. Not only is it putting the most vulnerable among us at serious risk of illness and death, but it is also making a huge impact on the world economy. People being ordered in many states to stay at home and self-isolate has reduced business and caused a lot of workers to be sent home or choose to stay home, affecting smaller, especially newer, businesses the most. Sam Cover Spokane Valley talks about how this has affected them and how they may come out of this.

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley on how this has impacted new businesses

As Sam Cover Spokane Valley points out, when it comes down to it, a company like Walmart, Best Buy, or is going to come out of the pandemic not hurting too much. Sure, they are going to lose money, but they have enough in reserves to protect them from any serious harm. It’s the small businesses that have to worry the most. Having to go down for even a day can be problematic for a business, Sam Cover Spokane Valley notes, and so it comes down to a choice between ignoring the instructions from the medical experts or have to shut down due to a lack of business or an abundance of risk. Some non-essential businesses, notably the video game retail company GameStop, tried to argue their essential status in order to stay open, Sam Cover of Spokane Washington points out, which quite possibly did more damage due to bad public relations than they would have if they just didn’t stay open. GameStop wound up closing all their stores indefinitely anyway, so be careful if you plan to keep your business open during the worst of it, Sam Cover Spokane Valley recommends.

New businesses especially have had to deal with the whiplash of entering their industry only to have to shut down shortly thereafter, bringing into question whether the business will be able to stay afloat after the coronavirus threat has peaked, Sam Cover of Spokane Washington brings up. All the money they invested into the businesses, all the time they otherwise were not making money while they put money hoping to return their investment, is going to do them trouble. For many of them — for a period of time anyway — this is not going to be recouped. However, this is not necessarily a death sentence for a small business, as the recent release package appears to come with loans designed to help employers keep their employees paid and their businesses afloat during this crisis, Sam Cover from Spokane Valley mentions.

Sam Cover

Sam Cover’s Tips on Starting a Successful Small Business

If you aren’t careful, a small business can go just as quickly as it came. In order to avoid that, Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington has prepared some helpful tips for new business owners.

Spokane, Washington / iCrowdNewswire / March 28, 2020  / Starting a small business can be absolutely terrifying. You have a lot of hurdles that you have to take into consideration. You need to be able to afford it, obviously, but you also need to consider a multitude of different things. For instance, what niche do you fill? Do you have a competitive edge? Do you have the skill or experience to pull off your business venture? These are just a  few of many questions you should ask. Sam Cover has you covered, though, and will give tips to figuring out your way through this harrowing but rewarding process.

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington offers Tips: How to get your small business started up

The first thing you must do, Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington recommends, is to make sure that your business has a place to settle into its respective industry. For instance, if you are trying to start up a pet store or a travel agency, you have to make sure that your business will have a place there. These industries already have a lot of businesses in them that are highly successful and popular for these kinds of things (pet supply business, for instance, are common in major retailers like Walmart). That does not mean that you should not pursue that kind of industry — Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington isn’t going to discourage that — but you should be very, very careful, and certain that you will be able to pull it off. You should also make sure that when you’re getting your business set up that you are prepared to handle it, Sam Cover states. This may seem like an obvious thing, but all too many people go into their business half-cocked. Not ready for it financially or emotionally.

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington‘s additional Tips: What to do to Keep the Business Going?

If your business is already started, that’s one of the harder parts out of the way. Next up, you have to make sure that your business is able to keep going. The honeymoon period may be nice; people curious about the new business enough to come inside, maybe even make a purchase or two, but Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington points out that you need to be able to convince them that this business is something they want to keep visiting. There are different ways to do this. The obvious one is to offer a good value compared to your competitors, though this can be more difficult if you do not have the money to do that. Another way is to offer good customer service, which can make a big difference. Sam Cover notes that while larger corporations can offer better value, the size makes it difficult to assist customers on a personal level.

Sam Cover

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington’s Tips to Stay Fit

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington understands it’s easy to get out of shape, and much more difficult to get back into shape. In order to give you tools to make things a little simpler, Sam Cover of Spokane Valley’s got tips to help out.

Spokane, Washington / EIN / March 18, 2020/ It can be incredibly difficult to get back into shape, especially over the holidays. The Thanksgiving and Christmas meals certainly do not help any diet or exercise endeavors, and if you live in a snowier climate, this can make it difficult to get out and exercise. It does not matter if you exercise the other months out of the year, that one season where you take a break can mess with your body. To fix this, Sam Cover from Spokane Valley Washington has some tips to help — even in winter.

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington‘s Tips: How to Develop a Good Diet and Exercise Regiment

A good diet and exercise regiment go hand in hand with each other, as both help to make you feel more healthy and able, Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington points out. There are different ways to approach diets. Some people try to cut out unhealthy foods entirely, while others think that portion control is the way to go. This may differ from person to person, so make sure that you go on what feels right for you and not someone else. When staying fit, you want to try to find a workout that is able to work out for you. You can choose between a variety of them; push-ups, sit-ups, walking/running, and more. Sam Cover from Spokane Valley recommends picking something that will be easy for you to start, as opposed to going whole hog into it. This will help you get acclimated to your new regiment, and will also prevent burnout, which Sam Cover from Spokane Valley says is all too common. When the winter comes along, a good way to keep fit is to use a device, such as a treadmill, or perhaps devote an area to exercise.

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Washington’s Tips: How to Keep It up

So you’ve developed a regiment and have gotten started. Great! But one of the biggest obstacles to staying fit is how easy it is to fall out of the regiment. It is easy to get tired of the process, and good will power is strongly recommended to keep consistent. Meanwhile, one thing that people do that really messes them up is try too hard. Sam Cover Spokane Valley has seen too often how people will exercise for hours a day, severely starve themselves in order to hit their goal, or even worse, and that is simply not how it is done. You are only going to bounce back to where you were when you started, if not something worse. Give your body time to heal. Pace yourself. Make sure that you are getting SOME food into you. Being healthy is complicated and difficult, but as Sam Cover of Spokane Valley will point out, it is worth doing it right.

Sam Cover

Tips from Sam Cover in Spokane Valley Washington on how to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Staying healthy is more difficult than ever, what with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle combined with unhealthy foods. Sam Cover of Spokane Valley has some tips to help get you healthy.

Spokane Washington / Accesswire /3/13/2020 / Healthy living is not an easy task. It feels like no matter where you turn, you run head first into sugars and fats. This is evident when one examines how much obesity has been rising in the United States, with it rising over the past few decades. In order to deal with a society that increasingly pushes the least healthy foods and beverages, Sam Cover of Spokane Valley has prepared some helpful tips to keep your body healthy.

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley’s Suggestions of Foods and Drinks to Avoid

The first step towards a healthier lifestyle is to cut out the junk from your diet. Now, that does not mean that you should never indulge in sweets; after all, a good sweet now and then can really help someone’s moods. But if you are indulging in sweets all the time, that is when it becomes a problem. Foods like these are typically empty calories, where they feed you without actually giving you the nutrition you need, Sam Cover points out. Try to reduce your intake of such foods to a minimum, keeping them for special occasions or the occasional nibble. Another problem food Sam Cover of Spokane Valley points out is pizza. For as good as pizza may be to your taste buds, the amount of calories in a single slice of pizza from a store or restaurant can be devastating. Furthermore, Fruit juices are a sneaky example, as people may be convinced that these are healthy because of the name. The high amounts of sugar and calories is enough that you should stick with just eating fruit.

Sam Cover’s Suggestions on Dealing with a Bustling Lifestyle

According to Sam Cover of Spokane Valley, one big issue that people face when trying to lose weight is how convenient the least healthy foods are. With how busy things can get, sometimes your best option is to hit McDonald’s instead of making a meal with fresh ingredients. While there is always going to be the risk that you may need to rely on McDonald’s, you don’t want to have to rely on it too much. The best way to avoid that is to prep food ahead of time. For example, one great thing for feeling full is to eat lentils. Sam Cover of Spokane Valley recommends making a batch of lentil soup, put some vegetables in the soup, and have that as your lunch for the week. Not only does this help avoid needing to settle on fast food, you can also save money by doing this. If you do have to settle, try to avoid the fattier foods like chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, or burgers. Instead, go for a salad. One example Sam Cover cites is McDonald’s specialty chicken salad, though remember to get the grilled chicken salad instead of the crispy chicken.

Sam Cover

Sam Cover teases menu items expected at new restaurant venture

Chef Sam Cover teases a selection of dishes expected to feature on the menu of his latest restaurant in Spokane, Washington.


From cedar-planked salmon to apple, raspberry, and huckleberry pie, award-winning chef Sam Cover has this week teased a selection of delicious regional dishes likely to feature on the menu of his latest soon-to-open restaurant in Spokane, Washington. Also including Alaskan ceviche and a chanterelle mushroom risotto, Cover reveals more about the dishes, all of which are inspired by Spokane County culinary tradition and the wider cuisine of the Pacific Northwest. 


“As an advocate for local and hyper-local food and ingredients, with my latest venture, it’s important to me to feature dishes which predominantly utilize produce from Spokane and surrounding areas,” explains the restaurateur. 


Cover has this week hinted at a total of four possibilities for opening night menu options: Alaskan ceviche, cedar-planked salmon, chanterelle mushroom risotto, and apple, raspberry, and huckleberry pie. 


Award-winning local chef Sam starts by offering a closer look at his cedar-planked salmon. “Famed throughout much of the state of Washington, cedar-planked salmon never disappoints,” suggests the chef. Cover’s showcase fish dish, he says, is doubly irresistible thanks to the addition of a secret recipe sweet honey-balsamic glaze, known only to him and his team. 


Another fish dish, Sam Cover is similarly excited about his Alaskan ceviche offering. “Made with Pacific halibut, my favorite Alaskan ceviche recipe also features fresh local tomatoes and delicious green peppers, topped with cilantro,” adds Cover. “For vegans and vegetarians, meanwhile,” he goes on, “I love to serve up a stunning chanterelle mushroom risotto alongside a variety of other meat-free and non-dairy dishes.”


Again, locally sourced, chanterelle mushrooms are famed for their fruity aroma and mildly peppery taste, according to the culinary expert.


Lastly, Cover turns toward a favorite sweet dish. “One of several special desserts that I’m known for is my apple, raspberry, and huckleberry pie,” reveals the chef. 


“All local, with Spokane County and surrounding areas famed for their fresh apples, raspberries, and huckleberries, the sweet pie is topped,” adds Cover, wrapping up, “with my famous Rainier cherry compote, made from a local cherry hybrid named after the iconic Mount Rainier.”


Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, renowned chef Sam Cover has made a name for himself in the Pacific Northwest’s thriving restaurant and luxury catering scene. Cover has also managed teams in some of the nation’s most highly regarded restaurants and hotels from Los Angeles to New York City. To date, Sam Cover has enjoyed more than two decades of fast-paced life as a chef, winning multiple awards for his food in the process, and shows no sign of slowing down as he prepares to open his brand-new Spokane restaurant in spring 2020.